Repairing a garage door differs based on the problem that needs to be fixed. The garage door consists of two main components, i.e., the door itself and the Opener. In this article, we’ll look at how to go about repairing your garage door.

Let’s get into it below!

Garage Door Repair – Step by Step

The Spring is the main component of your garage door, whether it rolls up entirely or in sections. The door itself is designed so that it moves over metal tracks, with the power being transmitted from the spring. That’s why in the majority of cases, if the garage door isn’t working properly, repairing it is a fairly simple task.

Below are a couple of things you’ll need to do:

Step no. 1 – You will want to check the metal tracks of the garage door. Look closely at the nearby mounting brackets which hold the tracks in place to the wall. If they appear to be loose, then tighten the screws or bolts. You might also want to take a look at the garage door from the inside by shutting it closed. Look for things like flat spots, crimps, and dents in the tracks. If you find damage, use a rubber mallet to pound them in the right shape. However, if badly damaged, the tracks will need to be replaced.

Step no. 2 – You will also want to check the alignment of the tracks using a level tool. If you have horizontal tracks, those should be slightly slanted backward, with the vertical sections, and roll-up doors of the tracks sitting plump. Both the tracks need to be at the same height. If you see that one track isn’t aligned, then loosen the track slightly but don’t remove the bolts or screws which hold them in place. Just loosen, then tap them into place. Then recheck the tracks, if they look aligned tighten the bolts or screws.

Step no. 3 – You will also want to make sure that the tracks are cleaned. Use a good household cleaner to remove all dirt and old grease, which might have hardened. Also, clean the rollers, tracks, and then wipe them dry.

Step no. 4 – You will also want to check for all the loose hardware and then tighten them up. If you have a garage door that swings, make sure to check the plates where these springs are mounted and screw them uptight. If you have roll-up doors, then check the hinges that hold the door together and tighten those loose screws as well as replace the damaged hinges.

If your issue is that the garage door sags from one side, that can be corrected by tightening the hinges.

If you have screw holes that are enlarged, then use a longer screw of the same diameter, with a hollow fiber plug, that’s dipped in some carpenters’ glue.

Final Word 

Fixing most problems with your garage door is easy. However, if in doubt, always call a professional.