Electric Gate Opener Repair

An automatic gate that is properly operating does more than just offer safety and protection to your home or business.  It says a lot about whether or not you want to welcome customers or guests properly.  Should there be a problem with your gate opener, you will want to immediately call a reliable Gate Opener Repair company to handle the malfunction for you.
Also, if you’re having problems with your gate, either from outright physical damage or a mechanical failure, then you can be in for more than just a little inconvenience.  For example, if you’re suddenly unable to secure your gate effectively, or if your gate happens to be stuck open, you can be subject to trespassing and theft.  That is why we’re in the business of providing top quality electric gate opener repair service.

Electric Gate Opener Repair • Elite Garage Door & Gate Repair Of Renton

Automated Gate Opener Repair Service

We’re here to assist you with your gate opener repair needs, no matter if it’s a commercial property or a private residence.  We’re a family-owned business that’s been serving Renton and the surrounding areas for some years, when it comes to reasonably priced expert gate opener repairs and periodic gate opener maintenance.

Our Expert Technicians Thoroughly Diagnose And Repair Your Gate Opener

Our Gate Opener Repair Experts are trained to work on any commercial or residential gate opener.  They know how to properly check all of your gate opener functions and parts, such as the transmitters.  In this regard, a gate opener is very similar to a garage door opener.  We’ll also check to see if there is a malfunction associated with a handheld transmitter.
We will also take a close look at the control box and see if there is a problem with the keypad, as well.  A common issue with a malfunctioning gate opener is a faulty transmission to the circuits that allow the gate arm to operate correctly.  We can also determine if the control box is safe from

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