Everything That You Need To Know About The Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener Types

Belt Drive – A Belt drive garage door opener uses a belt, rather than a chain to move your garage door.  This type of garage door opener is much quieter when you compare it to a chain drive opener.  Therefore, they are quite popular when it comes to attached garages so that the noise doesn’t annoy the neighboring home.  The downside is that they can be a bit more expensive.

Garage Door Belt Drive Opener • Elite Tech Garage Door Repair

Chain Drive – That is the most common type of garage door opener.  As the name would imply, it utilizes a chain to push/pull the trolley that moves your garage door either up or down.  This type of drive is very affordable and considered very reliable, as well.  The downside is that they can be noisier, thus making them best suited for detached garages.

Garage Door Chain Drive Opener • Elite Tech Garage Door Repair

Screw Drive – This garage door opener type uses a threaded steel rod which rotates to move the trolley as it opens and closes your garage door.  Since there are fewer parts to a screw drive opener, it will require less maintenance over the opener’s lifetime.  They are also the fastest when it comes to opening a garage door (10 – 12 inches/per second – as opposed to 6- to 8-inches per second, which is the standard).  For safety purposes, all garage door openers close doors at 7 inches/second. The downside is that it is usually noisier than a belt drive.

Garage Door Screw Drive Opener • Elite Tech Garage Door Repair

Jackshaft Opener – These garage door openers are different from other systems since they mount on the wall next to your garage door.  It uses a 24-v DC motor to drive pulleys and cables, which turn the torsion bar and raise the garage door.  This type of garage door opener is both quiet and reliable.  That also allows for additional ceiling storage space.  However, these openers are more expensive than most other opener types.

Garage Doors Jackshaft Drive Opener • Elite Tech Garage Door Repair

Direct Drive Opener – Since these openers only use one moving part (the motor), they are claimed to be the quietest of all of the garage door types. These openers developed and manufactured in Germany, and its motor (not a trolley) will travel along a stationary chain, which embedded in a rail that installed overhead.  The moving motor linked to the door by a J-arm. They cost the same as belt driven openers and usually come with lifetime warranties.

Garage Doors Direct Drive Opener • Elite Tech Garage Door Repair

Other types of garage door openers include DC-Powered openers that can possess variable speed capability that will enable soft-start and soft-stop technology.  The battery backup can also integrate within the units.  DC motors that have brushes have a shorter life expectancy than AC motors.  However, brushless DC motors have the same life expectancy.

You Will Also Need To Have The Opener Installed Correctly And Safely

Deciding on the type of garage door opener that’s best for you is only part of the task.  You Will Also Need To Have it Installed Correctly And Safely.
That includes making sure that your garage door sensor correctly installed and tested.  The sensor will consist of an invisible beam that sent across the doorway of your garage.  That is designed to prevent your garage door from closing on any object that breaks the beam’s path.
Two other items that need to tested are the battery backup and manual release.  That will assist you by making sure that you can still open and close the garage door during a power outage or a problem with the motor.
Also, installing a garage door opener yourself requires great care!  That means having the proper installation tools and someone else there with you.  That is why it is advised to have your installation performed by a professional.

Garage Door Opener Size (Horsepower)

Having the correct size garage door opener is necessary to maximize the life of your opener.

At Elite Tech Garage Door Repair, We Offer The Following:

1 2 HP (HorsePower) Garage Door Openers

3 4 HP (HorsePower) Garage Door Openers

1 HP (HorsePower) Garage Door Openers

1 4 HP (HorsePower) Garage Door Openers

Horsepower (HP) ratings will compare the lifting power between garage door opener models.  Ratings ranging from 1/2-horsepower to 1-1/2 horsepower are typical for standard residential models.  If you have a (sectional) double-car garage door, a 1/2-horsepower motor should be fine, but a 3/4 HP higher-power model will operate with less effort and less wear on the motor.  Heavier or one-piece doors may require even higher-horsepower openers.

Elite Garage Door & Electric Gate Repair Of Renton Is A Garage Door Opener Installation Company That You Can Trust!

Our garage door opener specialists have an area-wide reputation for providing the best service along with competitive pricing to both residential and commercial customers. When we are working with residential properties, we always keep in mind just how important your garage door is to you and your family’s safety. When we’re working with commercial clients, we dedicated to making sure that your property security maintained so that you protected from theft. Our customers know this, and that’s why we’re the ones they call when they need garage door opener help.

We Can Assist With Any Garage Door Opener Issue

Our garage door opener Renton Washington technicians carry a complete selection, when it comes to parts, so you don’t have to wait for a repair or replacement. That will allow our expert to finish your job in as little time, as possible. We not only fully guarantee our work 100%, but we’re also insured and licensed for your confidence.
For those who are considering doing their garage door repairs, we advise them to let the experts do it. That’s because the injury is quite possible when dealing with door cables and springs that are under very high tension. You’ll also want a repair that is designed to fit the exact specifications of your garage door.
We have a simple approach to the way that we do business, and that is; we will be there to assist you and offer you the finest and most courteous service

We Understand How Important Your Garage Door Is To You

We know that you depend on your garage door opener to function properly. It’s designed to provide you with security and protect your belongings. It’s also the way to access your vehicle and other stored belongings easily. If you encounter a problem with the security and ease of access that your garage door provides, it’s something that needs to fixed – immediately!
Our Elite Garage Door & Electric Gate Repair Of Rentonr technicians have the experience, skills, and training that can handle any garage door opener issue that you have. We do it fast, and we’re affordable. Our professional technicians carry a full inventory of parts that will make sure that the job is done right and with the highest level of quality possible.
If you need garage door opener service or any other type of garage door service, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 425.728.8847. Elite Tech Garage Door Service is licensed and insured.
Our office hours are Sun-Fri 06:30 AM – 11:30 PM and we offer a 45 minute response time for emergency service calls.

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