Your garage door is one of the most important safety and security features in the home. It protects your family and your personal possessions. However, garage doors, like everything else mechanical, can develop issues over time. It isn’t uncommon for torsion springs to be replaced, the opener to be changed and the garage door may require regular maintenance all of which requires a garage door repair company.

In addition to the above, there are many other reasons to hire a garage door repair company as we’ll examine in this article.

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You Don’t Get Injured

Garage doors are heavy machines weighing several hundred pounds. The slightest mistake has led to the injuries of many people over the years. The best way to avoid garage door related injuries is not to attempt any DIY.

The fact that there are 20k cases of garage door related injuries each year, with 1600 of them reported by hospitals across the US, works to solidify our argument to hire professionals. So, whether it is garage door spring repair, opener replacement, or door replacement, your best is always to hire professionals.

Helps Protect Your Home from Intruders

If you don’t have a functioning garage door, that means your home is vulnerable to thieves and intruders who can use their toolset to get in. The longer your garage door goes without being professionally fixed, the higher the probability of a break-in.

You will want to always call a garage door repair company at the first sign of a problem. Not only will it mean that the issue is fixed but also prevent intruders from using that issue as a vulnerability, they can pry to get in.

Save Time & Money

You can try to DIY repair any garage door, even fix the garage door torsion spring, but not only is it dangerous but also takes you 5x times longer compared to a company. You also run the risk of doing more harm than good to the garage door.

Garage door repair professionals have all the necessary tools and the necessary experience to fix most if not all problems quickly. Also, if parts need to be changed, they often travel with replacement parts. So, what you might have to search around to replace, they can do it right away.

Extend the Life of a Garage Door

The life of your garage door depends on how well it is treated. If repairs are performed as they should be, then the garage door will last long. Plus, seasoned garage door repair companies back their work with a warranty which ensures that your investment is protected.


We always tell clients than when in doubt, they should always call a garage door repair company. Not only does it get the problem fixed but the job is done right which saves you time and money in the long-term.