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Elite Garage Door & Electric Gate Repair Of Renton, is the place to call when you’re wondering -“Where can I find the absolute best garage door opener repair near me?”
You’ll find that our Garage Door Opener Repair comes with the highest recommendations.   That’s because we’re an established, family-owned business that’s been successfully serving its customers for over ten years.   We’re also known for using the highest quality parts (with excellent warranty). Our goal is to provide repairs and replacements that can stand up to the severe weather that can found in the Pacific Northwest.

Garage Door Opener Repair • Elite Garage Door & Electric Gate Repair Of Renton

Garage Door Opener Repair Renton & King County

We know that it’s our job to be there when you need a garage door opener repair in Renton & King County.  We offer our clients the same day service and, when there’s an emergency, we can also provide a fast 45-minute response time.  Our technician’s courteous service and high-quality garage door opener repair are what truly sets us apart from other garage door repair companies.  And it’s what our loyal customers have come to expect from us – without exception!

Available When You Need An Opener Repair Service

That is our stated goal – to be there when we’re needed.  But that’s not all.  We also have another important goal – and that’s to show that your garage door opener repair will be done right – just like all of our customer’s jobs. That has been the key to our continued success – not only with our garage door opener repair jobs but with all of our garage door service options that are available throughout the King County area.
It’s easy to understand just how serious a poorly working or Broken Garage Door is when it comes to your safety and the safety of your loved ones and co-workers/employees.  That is why we make sure that your garage door opener repair is completed using only the highest quality parts, which carry the best warranty. Also, we also know that every job we do will need to stand up perfectly to the harsh weather that occurs throughout this part of the country. That will obviously save time and money, in the long run!

Garage Door Opener Repair - Screw Drive • Elite Tech Garage Door Repair
Garage Door Opener Repair - Belt Drive • Elite Tech Garage Door Repair
Garage Door Opener Repair - Belt Drive • Elite Tech Garage Door Repair
You Can Rely On The Quality Of Our Garage Door Opener Repair And All Other Types Of Garage Door Service And Maintenance

Are you looking for the very best commercial/residential garage door opener repair, replacement or possibly on-going service/maintenance agreement?  Of course, you are!  Well – then you won’t find anyone offering better service and top notch quality than Elite Garage & Gate is a Family-Owned Garage Door & Electric Repair Services.
Like so many others, in today’s economy, are you on a tight budget?  Well, we offer the best competitive pricing, so our work is very affordable.  Our customers include clients who own all makes and models of Residential and Commercial Garage Doors.  That’s because they appreciate our efficient, economical and superior quality work.  We have consistently provided this level of repair for our customers because we know that a faulty garage door can certainly spell disaster for your resident’s or business’s security.  That is why we are so determined when it comes to making sure your work done as proficiently as possible – and all at a conveniently affordable price.

In addition to our garage door torsion spring, garage door torque spring and our service for garage door extension spring we can also offer work that includes:

Repairing an off-track door
Replacing damaged/bent rollers
Replacing a garage door opener
Replacing damaged garage door panels
Repairing your bent and rusted tracks
Regularly servicing a business/home garage door
Completely replacing a home/business garage door
Replacing garage door cable(s)

No Matter When You Need Your Garage Door Opener Repaired – You Need To Call Elite Garage & Gate Repair!

Licensed, Bonded & Insured Technicians

Our technicians carry a complete set of Garage Door Tools And Repair Parts when they go to an assignment, so they can cut down on the repair time that they need.  We know how valuable your time is and we certainly don’t want you to need to sit and wait, while our technician drives back, to get a part or another tool that might be needed so that they can complete the job.  And, of course, our work is always 100% guaranteed, and each one of our techs is insured and licensed for your complete protection

Let the US Do The Work!

Here’s something else that we want you to understand.  When it comes to working on your garage door opener repair, it will most likely involve working with potentially dangerous mechanics, with parts (springs, etc.) that can be very harmful.  That is why we seriously suggest that don’t try repairs or parts replacements on an amateur basis!  Garage door repairs and repair/maintenance services of this type should only do by professionally trained and experienced technicians who know how to work safely with these parts and have had experience in doing so.  That is the reason why you need to call us for your garage door opener repairs, replacements, and maintenance.  Our technicians have been trained to do the job with the highest level of safety!

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Contact us at 425.728.8847, to schedule your garage door opener repair Renton & King County, and we’ll be there to provide the highest quality expert garage door servicing.  Or, if you have an emergency, call us for our optional emergency service, for a 45 minute response time.
Our office hours are Sun-Fri 06:30 AM – 11:30 PM and we provide same day service.  As stated above, we also have a 45 minute fast response time for an emergency call.  So, call us now.  We’re here, waiting to help you when you need us!

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