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Elite Garage Door & Electric Gate Repair Of Renton, has been widely known for its top quality garage door spring repair for well over ten years.  We’re a highly respected and well established family-owned business, and we provide the absolute best when it comes to garage door spring repairs and replacement.
We understand that it’s our job to be there when you need your garage door springs repair Renton location done (as well as throughout WA).  That’s why we have our same day service and, when there’s an emergency, we can offer a fast 45-minute response time.  Our knowledgeable, courteous and efficient service and high-quality garage door spring repair work are the things that truly distinguish us from our “competition” (so to speak), and it’s what our customers expect from us – each time they call!
Not only are we there when we’re needed, but we also have one another major goal – and that’s to ensure that your spring repair is done the right way – with no repeat visits needed!
And rest assured your garage door spring repair is done using only the best quality parts, which carry a complete warranty.  We also know that every job that we do will need to stand up perfectly to the extreme weather found throughout this part of the country. That will, also, save you both time and money in the long run!

Garage Door Extension Spring Repair • Elite Garage Door & Electric Gate Repair Of Renton
Garage Door Torque Spring Repair • Elite Garage Door & Electric Gate Repair Of Renton
Garage Door Spring Repair • Elite Garage Door & Electric Gate Repair Of Renton
You Can Rely On The Quality Of Our Garage Door Springs Repair And Every Other Type Of Garage Door Repair/Maintenance Or Replacement

Garage Door Spring Repair Services – Elite Garage&Gate

For those on a tight budget, we offer the best competitive pricing with a low cost of Garage Door Spring Repair ($79-$150).  That way, our work is very affordable.  Those who benefit from our garage door springs repair include those who own all makes and models of residential and commercial garage doors. That’s because they appreciate our quick, economical and ultra high-quality work.
In addition to our garage door torsion spring repair, garage door torque spring conversion to torsion system and our garage door extension spring repair, we can also offer garage door work that includes; bent/rusted tracks repair, rollers replacement, various off-track issues and other types of garage door service.

In addition to our garage door torsion spring, garage door torque spring and our service for garage door extension spring we can also offer work that includes:

Repairing A Garage Door Torsion Springs
Repairing A Garage Door Extensrion Springs
Convert Torque System To Torsion

Please Note: Because Of Certain Mechanical Limitations, It Is Impossible To Repair Garage Door Torque Spring Directly – Thus There Will Need To Be a Conversion From a Torque Spring System To a Garage Door Torsion System.

Also, our technicians also carry a full set of tools and parts when they go to your assignment, so they can cut down on repair/installation time that they need when it comes to getting the job done.  We know how valuable our customer’s time is and we certainly don’t want them to have to wait, while the technician drives back to the shop to get some other part or tool that they need so that we can complete the job.  And, yes, our work is always 100% guaranteed, and each one of our techs is insured and licensed for your protection

Let Our Experienced Experts Handle Your Garage Door Spring Repair

Here’s something else that you need to understand.  When it comes to working on your garage door springs repair, it will certainly involve working with potentially dangerous high tension mechanics.  Garage Door Spring Installations and Repair/Maintenance Services of this type should only do by a highly trained and experienced technician.  That is the reason why you need to call us for your garage door springs repairs and maintenance.  We’re trained to do the job with the highest level of safety!

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Contact us at 425.728.8847, to schedule your garage door springs repair Renton & King County location service, and we’ll be there to provide the highest quality expert garage door servicing at an economical price – garage door spring repair ($79-$150).
Our office hours are Sun-Fri 06:30 AM – 11:30 PM and we provide same day service. We also have a 45-minute super fast response time for an emergency call. So, call us now. We’re here, waiting to serve you!

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