Yes, it does come with new rollers and tracks, but it depends. Many homeowners often ask if they should use the rollers and tracks that come with their new garage doors? Many also ask if their new garage door will come with tracks and rollers?

Your new garage door should come with new rollers and tracks, but below, we discuss why you should use them and not store them away.

Using Old Garage Door Tracks Is Dangerous

It is important to know that your old garage door tracks were meant only for that door. Every garage door is different, even if they appear to be the same and even weigh the same because each has its own unique offset. In other words, every garage door has a particular spacing preset from the factory.

You will also encounter some tracks by manufacturers that are claimed to be adjustable, the top of the tracks has what we like to call gussets. The gussets you see are preset for each door to open and close at a given distance away from installed jambs. If the proper spacing is not in place, the garage door will hang up. By a hang-up, we meant that it would either hit while on the way to the close position, or it may get stuck in the jabs while opening. Either way, it is dangerous.

If you have a newer electric Garage Door Opener, it may get stuck trying to open or close, which will eventually cause the door to go off track. When that happens, the cables come under extreme pressure and can break off. It the cables snap, they can cause grave injury and even death. There is also a chance that the door may fall.

In other words, regardless of what you see on TV or hear over the radio, installing new tracks that come with your door is going to be a life and money saver. Make sure you follow the instructions when installing the door yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.

The Spring System

Every garage door has springs and if not springs, then a counterbalance in place. Both methods happen to be at the heart of the garage door system because it makes a 200lbs door feel light. However, if the garage door isn’t properly balanced, it can become deadly. That’s precisely why you can’t go out and buy new sections for a garage door and add them to the old track because it would be unsafe.

Contact a professional

All the above reasons are why you should always consult a garage door expert. Sure, they charge you money, but it ensures that you and your family are safe. Not to mention by helping you set up the garage door correctly, they will end up saving you money in the long-term.