When you are in the market for a residential garage door, one of the things you’ll want to look at is the R-Value. Knowing the R-Value is important for various reasons. Below we look at why the R-Value is so important and what to consider when examining this very important metric.

The R-Value Demystified

The R-Value is the level of insulation applied to the garage door. It is only an important factor to consider if you’re looking for an insulated garage door. We strongly advise that people buy insulated residential garage doors simply because they offer many benefits over regular ones.

The added layer of insulation on the garage door makes it more durable and resistant to damage than ones that aren’t insulated. The insulation also makes them energy efficient, which means they keep the heat in during the winter and during the summer it keeps the heat out, consequently reducing your power bill.

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How Does This Value Work?

The R-Value is mainly the measurement of thermal resistance that the material offers against heat flow in other words how much does it prevent heat from penetrating. The factor considers the chemical properties of the insulating material and its thickness. So, the higher this value, the better the insulation it offers the garage door.

If it is important to insulate the garage door, you will want to choose a door which has at least an R-Value of 8. This value mainly represents 90% of the heat flowing through it. So, it reduces 90% of the heat.

The important thing you need to keep in mind when directly comparing the R-Value of competing residential garage doors is that higher values mainly represent a slight increment in heat flow blocking properties. So, if a door has a value of 12, it is only 3% more efficient than one with a value of 8. Similarly, a door with a value of 16 only has 2% more thermal resistance than the one with a value of 12. Furthermore, past the 16 R-value mark, the gains are negligent. So, a garage door with an R-Value of 32 offers 97% reduction in heat flow, which is just 2% more than the one with an R-Value of 16.

When buying a garage door, the R-Value should be one of the many factors you take into consideration. However, it is an important factor if you live in a particularly hot or cold part of the world.

First Time Buyers Beware

The reason why you need to be beware is not that garage door brands are scams. However, there are many technical factors you need to consider when buying a garage door. Making an incorrect decision can lead to many issues, which include a shorter service life. That is why you might want to seek a recommendation from experts like us. Our team can help you find the right residential garage door, which isn’t just cost-effective but durable and fits right in your home.