Garage doors have been around for as long as garages themselves. However, the recent modernization in technology has brought forth automated garage doors. This piece of technology has made life easier for many homeowners. One no longer has to do the tiresome duty of opening and closing the door.

However, like other pieces of technology, garage doors require repairs occasionally. It can be due to any unforeseen damage to the garage door or perhaps the gradual wear and tear over time. No matter what the cause, a repair often becomes a necessity.

It leads us to the topic of discussion today. Many homeowners believe they possess adequate knowledge to attempt garage door repairs themselves. However, that is not true in most cases. There are several misconceptions revolving around garage door repair that are not true at all.

This article will address these misconceptions and hopefully clear them out.

1. It’s normal for your garage door to be loud

Garage doors aren’t purposefully built to arouse everyone in the neighborhood whenever they open or close. An underlying problem must be addressed if your garage door makes excessive squeaking, ratting, or grinding noises upon movements.

Often, the cause of a Noisy Garage Door can be one of the following:

  • Loose components
  • Broken down hinges
  • Worn rollers
  • A need for lubrication

Lubrication is a crucial matter and should be taken seriously. If your door needs it, try not to delay it even for a day. Also, you should ensure that you use a metal-appropriate lubricant. Grease only makes matters worse by lodging dust in itself. You must leave no parts unlubricated to keep the door noise-free and avoid the risk of different parts damaging each other.

Prevent The Problem By Keeping Up With Routine Maintenance

Prevent The Problem By Keeping Up With Routine Maintenance

2. Garage door repairs are anyone’s piece of cake

Where technology has made things easier for people, it has made them overconfident too. Many people overestimate their capabilities simply because they read a how-to guide from Google or saw a tutorial on YouTube. However, no matter how straightforward they seem, garage door repairs are best suited for professionals.

You cannot expect to watch some random videos and become an expert on garage door repair. They require specific tools and expertise that only experts possess. There have been numerous incidents of homeowners fiddling with their garage doors and causing severe self-harm. They end up putting their safety at risk to save a few bucks. It would help if you asked yourself this question. Is it worth it?

On the other hand, professionals in the field have a lot more experience and knowledge regarding such repairs. They know how to handle nearly every type of situation. They can get the work done much more efficiently and safely. Therefore, any sane person would tell you to choose an expert over DIY attempts.

3. Garage door maintenance is not necessary

It is common for people to ignore their garage door until a problem arises with it. This ignorance ultimately costs them expensive repairs (or sometimes the need to buy an entirely new garage door).

However, that should not be the case. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your garage door in tip-top condition and prevent ghastly accidents. Annual maintenance is enough for the technician to spot any damages or worn-out parts and repair/replace them before the problem escalates too much.

This small step saves you more money than the “ignorance is bliss” principle. Plus, it keeps your door working at its optimum without any bugs or issues.

They Raise The Value Of Your Home Significantly

They Raise The Value Of Your Home Significantly

4. Garage door repair is an expensive service

There is this common myth that garage door repair services are highly costly. However, it has been mentioned above that avoiding maintenance costs you much more in the long run.

Annual maintenance barely even bothers your pocket at all. All you need is the right kind of knowledge. If you know what you are looking for, you’ll find a company that offers these services at highly affordable prices.

5. Extended repair warranties aren’t what you are looking for.

Extended repair warranties are a blessing for large, fundamental structures such as garage doors. This is especially true, considering your garage door opens and closes several times every day. After all, one needs access to their vehicle(s) multiple times a day.

A busted garage door can significantly affect your daily routine and schedule. You must take this into account when you are deciding whether you should get an extended repair warranty.

Garage door companies provide warranties for new fittings, replacements, or installations. However, getting an extended warranty can ensure peace of mind for the homeowner once the original one expires.

Plus, it would be best if you didn’t forget that you’ll be getting all the garage door repairs at a reduced cost due to this warranty. Keep that in mind too.

Bottom Line

Have you been thinking of repairing your damaged garage door by yourself? Has the internet blinded you to the common misconceptions around garage door repairs? Worry not, for this article will clear all the misconceptions in your mind!