The spring is a major part of the garage door system and when it breaks you need Professional Spring Repair. It helps to open, close and stabilize the overhead door. However, in the world of garage doors, there are two main types of springs. You have the torsion spring, which is a single spring that runs parallel to the door and serves as a counterweight. The other commonly used type is referred to as an extension spring system. Extension springs consist of two springs, one on each side of the garage door, and they run parallel to the door tracks overhead.

In both instances, the Springs Are a Part of The Garage Door System and not part of the opener. The cost of replacing the springs yourself will be between $65 and $85, and that’s just for the springs alone. Extension springs are slightly cheaper, costing between $25 to $40 a pair. Most extension springs are available as kits, which include various other parts like rollers. A kit can set you back around $75.

Even though you will save money by installing the garage door springs on your own, it isn’t an easy job and certainly not safe. That’s why you’ll want to hire pros like us to do it for you.

Professional Repair and Replacement Vs. Doing It Yourself

The good news is that both Extension and Torsion Springs are Affordable Parts, and you can buy them for under $100. That’s why many people attempt to install the springs themselves. However, you will need various other tools to do the job. Also, if you’ve never installed a garage door spring before, it can lead to serious injury.

The metal parts of a garage door are under a tremendous amount of pressure. That’s why one wrong move can mean a thousand pound plus garage door causing lots of damage.

Professional Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement

Professional Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement

What Does Professional Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost?

The cost of a professional garage door spring replacement will depend a great deal on the condition of your garage. It will also depend on the type of garage door you own, the type of springs needed, where you live, and who you hire to do the job. If you hire a team of professionals to do the work, it can cost an average of $250. The range generally is between $150 and $350.

Like any other service in America, demand and supply dictate what you end up paying. If you live in a state where labor is cheap, you’ll pay less than where it is expensive. You also need to bear in mind that even though one spring might have broken, they still need to be mounted in pairs. The best way to get an accurate cost is to call up a garage door company like us and get an estimate for the job.

Some garage door companies also offer warranties. The average spring after replacement can easily last you two years, though more expensive ones can last you much longer. Some springs come with a so-called “lifetime warranty” and tend to be the most expensive ones.


When determining What Replacing a Spring Will Cost You, you should also factor in all the other components. Even though you can do the job yourself over the weekend, it is best not to risk it.