A garage door is one of the main entrances of a house, so it can reasonably be inferred that its door opener remote holds the same importance as your house key.

A house key and a door opener remote also have another thing in common: they are lost quite often. It can be lost due to several reasons like it could have been misplaced, it could have been stolen, or it could have dropped somewhere, or maybe you lent it to somebody, but he didn’t return it.

As mentioned, a remote can be lost for many reasons, but whatever the reason is, losing a Garage Door Opener remote can be very stressful and leaves you wondering what to do next.

On a less stressful note, even after losing your remote, you can still keep your house safe. After losing a remote, you should do the things listed below to help you find the right way out of this problem.

Do You Have A Spare Remote?

Spare remotes can be such a lifesaver! And it is even more beneficial when you need a remote quickly as you might be getting late for something and need your car or some of your stuff from the garage.

Do You Have A Spare Remote?

Do You Have A Spare Remote?

If you have a spare remote and plan to use it, you need to do two things.

  • These steps may seem somewhat confusing to some people, but they are very simple. It is more or less the same as changing the locks of a house whose key is missing. These two steps help make sure your house stays safe, and your family stays protected.

Will Replacing The Key Helps?

When a person loses a garage door opener remote, it is highly likely to replace it. Ordering yourself a new garage door opener remote or a new spare one is very easy as you can order the new one from your unit manufacturer.

Time To Upgrade

On the brighter side, losing a garage door opener remote gives you a chance to upgrade to higher-level technology. Like maybe this time, instead of buying a brand new remote, you could simply get the mobile app version on your mobile phone if offered by the garage door opener remote company.

Time To Upgrade

Time To Upgrade

This would make it possible for you to use all the features of a normal remote from your phone, making it a lot easier and less costly. As if I am not wrong, the chances of you losing your mobile phone are most probably less than you lose the remote.

Manually Handle It

If you cannot use your garage door opener remote due to it being lost, then most probably you have to operate the garage door manually. If this condition applies to you, it is highly recommended that you go through all safety precautions available online for your safety.

For the garage door to work properly in manual mode, the door and the opener must be in very good shape and are moving properly. If this is not the case and the door or opener requires some sort of maintenance or repairing, then it is possible that you would find the garage door very heavy and difficult to keep open without any support.

If this type of case arises, it is highly recommended to contact garage door professionals to get the repair or any sort of maintenance done to ensure that the garage door is working properly in manual mode.

Hire Elite Garage Door & Gate Repair For Professional Help!

As mentioned before, it is highly advised that you contact garage experts to get this sort of job done. Otherwise, it could be dangerous for a regular person to do this type of task independently.

Now that you have understood that professionals should be contacted for such a job. You don’t know any trustworthy company to get the job done, don’t need to worry about this anymore because we have covered you.

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Bottom Line

These were some tested tips that we had for the time when you Lose Your Garage Door Opener Remote, which will hopefully not happen often.