Garage doors are one of the biggest entrances into houses nowadays; hence it is really important to make sure that these doors are properly working for your safety and protection.

Garage doors come in two types: manual doors and the other are automatic doors. A garage door can face different types of problems, but one of the most regularly asked questions is why my garage door reverses as soon as it hits the floor?

This is a very common problem, due to the following reasons.

What Are the Major Reasons & Possible Solutions for Garage Door Reversing?

1. Logic Board Could Be Replaced

If you are familiar with the working of a computer, you would know that a computer contains a motherboard from which the signals are sent for the operations that need to take place. Likewise, garage doors also have a logic board.

Logic boards perform the tasks like opening and closing the garage door according to the demands set by the user. Logic boards can only be used for a limited time, and after it has been used for that certain amount of time, it needs to be replaced.

So you should take a look and check if the logic board of your garage door has maybe fulfilled its time and now Needs To Be Replaced.

2. Adjust The Limit Switch

A limit switch controls the position to which the garage door opens or closes.

If your garage door is not working properly and it does not open all the way or does not close all the way, or has any sort of movement problem, it might be due to the limits you have assigned to the limit switch.

If this is the problem, you don’t need to worry as this can easily be solved by adjusting the limit switch according to the position you want your garage door to be, like if you want it to be closed fully or you want half-closed.

3. Adjust The Travel Down Setting

The travel down setting determines the distance the garage door will travel before it closes. This feature is helpful as it prevents any sort of damage by stopping as soon as it touches something and going back up.

As you may already know, some metals compress and expand according to the temperature. Due to this, the garage door might have compressed a little due to the small building pieces compressing due to a temperature change, resulting in the less overall distance being covered and hence the door not properly functioning.

This problem can be solved by adjusting the travel down setting according to the change in the size of the door to make sure the garage door opens and closes completely.

4. Check For the Presence of Any Blockage Under the Door

The simplest thing you can do is check if anything is blocking the garage doorway and make it go back up after contact. It simply means checking if there is any object under the garage door.

Check For the Presence of Any Blockage Under the Door

Check For the Presence of Any Blockage Under the Door

Although it may seem obvious, you could easily spot any object present under the door. But it is still possible as the sensors in some garage doors are very sensitive and will pick up contact with even the tiniest objects. In that case, it is smart to clean the area under the garage door to get rid of any small rocks or pieces present.

If none of the possible causes above fix the issue, there could be another Garage Door Problem. So now, to solve the problem, you should read the instruction manual of your garage door or consult a garage door service professional to help you resolve the problem.

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Bottom Line

We are fully aware that it can be a big problem if your house’s primary entrance (garage door) is not working properly. And we hope that the information provided above will be able to fix your garage door or maybe at least put you in the right direction for Fixing the Garage Door Reverse Issue.