Glass Garage Doors

The use of glass in windows and doors has been a standard architectural practice for a long time, mainly Because It Is Eco-friendly. However, in modern contemporary architectural designs, the use of glass has extended to garage doors.

Glass has always been used in construction to maximize the inflow of natural sunlight into the house rooms and indoor spaces. These all-glass doors give an elegant bar-restaurant-like feel to the structure.

There are a few point-of-concerns that need to be addressed before Installing a Glass Garage Door. First, how safe are these doors? And the second, what type of glass is more suited for a garage door? The answer to these questions depends on the intended use of the door and where the door is installed.

Glass Types Used in Doors

Many garage doors are available in the market that is already fixed with standard windows. These windows are either single-paned or double-paned, depending upon the price of the door. The glass used in the usual garage door windows is the same as in home windows and the front doors.

However, a standard window glass breaks into long and pointed shards, which can cause major injuries.

The best option for a fully glazed glass garage door is tempered glass that shatters into many tiny circular pieces, like the ones installed in the car’s front windshield.

Glass Types Used in Doors

Glass Types Used in Doors

Another option is to install double-paned glass on the whole door, with only one glass pane of tempered glass inside the pane of the garage door.

This method ensures that it will only break on one side if the glass is broken, while the other side remains intact. The tempered glass is available in plain, colored, and satin finishes.

More options for selecting the right type of glass

LEXAN or polycarbonate windows are another option for the glass garage door. This material is ⅝ of an inch thick and is more sturdily built.

This glass type can take a good few hits without breaking into tiny pieces. LEXAN windows are milky translucent in color rather than transparent, but they are available in various hues like amber and white.

Important information about the construction of a glass garage door

After selecting the glass, it is time to pay attention to the construction of the door itself. Ideally, the garage door that will hold the glass panes should be made of extruded aluminum at least one and three fourth of an inch thick. This door also needs to have extrusion frames that are wider than 6 inches.

Another point to consider is the weight of the glass door. A standard 14x7ft garage door will weigh approximately 350 lbs, including the glass panes.

The garage’s architecture will determine how and what garage door opening mechanism is going to be installed. A motorized garage door with dual reversal systems is the ideal equipment to increase the safety of a glass garage door.