Many individuals overlook the importance of their garage doors. That is unless there is a problem with their front door. If your garage door cannot open or shut, you may find yourself stranded without access to your vehicle, and the contents of your garage may be exposed to the risk of being stolen.

You must give some thought to your garage door to ensure that you can arrange the door services for your home if you ever find yourself in one of these uncomfortable instances. Annual Garage Door Maintenance will help it last as long as possible.

If you are interested in learning more about how long your garage door will survive, you should continue reading this article because we will discuss some key facts related to that subject with you today.

How Long Can A Garage Door Last?

For the most part, garage doors use a basic spring mechanism that can cycle through 20,000 times. However, there are many different types and designs of garage doors. The garage door is expected to survive roughly 30 years, depending on how it is used.

The climate and the maintenance that is performed on it regularly, given that it has this many cycles. If your garage door is equipped with tension springs rather than regular springs, you may find that it only lasts for 5,000 to 10,000 cycles, which translates to around 15 years of operation.

Standard springs are designed to last for much longer. Opening and shutting the garage door constitutes one cycle.

How Essential Is Maintenance?

How Essential Is Maintenance?

How Essential Is Maintenance?

It is possible, but not probable, that you can use your garage door without maintenance for 15 or 30 years. However, this outcome is quite unlikely.

Suppose you do routine maintenance on your garage door. In that case, you will probably not only be able to extend the life of your door, but you may also be able to prevent repairs that are expensive, such as difficulties with the springs, issues with the track, noise problems, and damaged cables, to mention just a few of the potential concerns.

Don’t expect your garage door to last forever if you ignore it.

Replacement Of A Garage Door: When To Do It?

A new garage door will also increase your home’s aesthetic appeal and practicality. Replacing a house’s garage door has the highest resale value of all home improvement projects, but homeowners who want to get the most bang for their money must choose a design that complements their home’s architectural style and price range.

Replacement Of A Garage Door When To Do It?

Replacement Of A Garage Door When To Do It?

Regarding improving a home’s curb appeal, replacing a garage door yields the highest return on investment (ROI) when it comes to recouping cost at resale, a REMODELING magazine’s 2018 Cost-vs-Value Report found. The average lifespan of a garage door is 15 to 30 years with regular maintenance, but if you are not sure whether it’s time to replace your garage door, take these factors into account:

  • Cracked, warped, or otherwise imperfectly-appearing wood garage doors should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Inspect metal doors for dings and scratches.
  • The garage door may be nearing the end of its life cycle.
  • When the door squeaks or makes a noise while being used commonly,
  • If you have trouble opening or closing the garage door, it may be sluggish to react.
  • Do you have a lot of damaged or rusty components that need to be repaired?
  • Just want to make your property seem better from the outside.
  • If your garage’s use changes and you find that you want more insulation.
Actions You Can Take to Help!

Actions You Can Take to Help!

Actions You Can Take to Help!

You can do things to keep your garage in working order despite our recommendation that you get it inspected by a professional every year.

  • The garage door should be cleaned with a light detergent and water about every six months. This will shield the door from the wear and tear of regular usage as well as the effects of the weather.
  • The sensors on your door should be cleaned with a cloth every few months, and the area around the sensors should be kept free of dirt and debris.
  • Get rid of any accumulated cobwebs or trash. Garage door tracks and wheels need lubrication every three to six months. Whether you like a general-purpose penetrating oil or a spray-able graphite compound is up to you.

Bottom Line

In our daily routines, garage doors are a need. In addition to providing a secure place to park your vehicle, garage doors are also a gateway into your home. They may also be used for aesthetics, such as boosting your home’s outside look.

With so many advantages, you don’t want your garage door to wear out too quickly. That’s why it’s crucial to maintain your garage door on a regular basis to avoid expensive repairs and extend its lifetime.