The lifting and closing of the garage door are dependent on two garage door springs, one is the torsion spring, and the other is the extension spring.

These parts are behind the proper functioning of the door. If the door is not working properly or making noise while opening and closing, one must inspect the springs in the first place. Ignorance can lead to the breaking of springs which can cause breakage of the garage door.

How Often Do Garage Door Springs Break

How Often Do Garage Door Springs Break

Expected Life Cycle Of Garage Door Springs

Both the springs have an which has to be noted by the owner himself. To make the most out of the current springs, the owner should regularly inspect the springs and maintain them by following a proper care routine. A routine inspection can help prevent the garage door springs from early breakage. Proper check-ups allow the owner to remember its life cycle and know when to replace the spring before it causes any dangerous situation.

Most of the garage door owners are unaware of the fact that springs need to be maintained and have to be changed after a certain period. The most authentic rule of life expectancy of springs is 10,000 cycles of the door or 3-5 years. But this rule can vary on some factors, such as quality of the door and springs, regularity of inspection, and climate conditions.

Are you unaware of the life expectancy of your garage door springs? Below is the precise guide to know when you are Close To Change The Springs.

Expected Life Cycle Of Garage Door Springs

Expected Life Cycle Of Garage Door Springs

What Could Be The Estimated Life Expectancy Of Torsion And Extension Springs Of Garage Door?


The life cycle of the torsion and extension spring has been calculated on a single opening and closing sequence. The general rule of thumb is 10,000 cycles or 3-5 years.

Number of Openings  Life Expectancy
Opening 2x times a day 13.7 years
Opening 4x times a day 6.8 years
Opening 6x times a day 4.6 years

When To Replace The Springs?

When the torsion spring is about to break or on the verge of replacement, it hinders the door from working smoothly. The door makes noise while opening and closing. The loud banging sound signals that the torsion spring has a gap or is about to break. It is better to inspect and change the spring as soon as possible. This spring depends on the expansion and contraction of the coil. See if the process is not smooth or not adjusting evenly. Change the spring if it is broken or does not look oblong.

Why Do The Garage Door Springs Break?

Life Expectancy

Like every machine or part, the garage door springs have a life span. The common reason for a broken garage door spring is, it has completed its working hours. The life expectancy of these springs is not unlimited; sooner or later, it gives up and breaks.

The key to being aware of the door’s condition is to inspect it regularly. The general finding shows that the average garage door spring life is 10000 cycles of opening and closing if installed correctly. It depends on the usage of the door daily. If you can check the average cycles per day, life expectancy can be easily calculated. Again it is better to incorporate routine inspection in your monthly schedules.

Extended lifespan torsion springs are available in the market, but they are more expensive than the normal ones. It can last around four times more than the normal one, and spring does not easily break.

Worn or Broken Springs

Worn or Broken Springs

Pressure On The Springs

The torsion or extension springs are under considerable pressure when the garage door moves up and down. It is necessary to focus on the correct installation of the springs to avoid any mishap. The garage door weighs above 250 pounds which needs balanced support. Usually, one spring model breaks and cannot handle the pressure. It is better to install the two spring model to ensure balance and pressure handling.


Rusting can be the reason for premature breakage of garage door springs. Rust can cause friction on the coils and stops the springs from moving smoothly. It creates resistance on the springs, which can cause malfunction. Rusting can be prevented by regularly inspecting the springs now and then, especially when one season is over. It should lubricate with dedicated sprays to keep them healthy and long-lasting.

Garage Door Spring Rust

Garage Door Spring Rust

Bottom Line

Regular inspection can help the owner to detect the problem easily. However, you can always call the experts to fix any major problemElite Garage Door & Gate Repair In Renton, WA, professionals provide same-day services at very reasonable pricing. You can reach them for your garage door springs repairing or replacement.