Do you have to push the buttons to get the door to open repeatedly? The remote is unlikely to be damaged, and if the door is entirely unresponsive or hit-or-miss, the first item to check is the remote battery. Your garage door opener battery may need to be replaced. A beeping garage door opener or a red LED indication indicates that a new battery is required.

Because replacing the battery is so easy, you should do it before the garage door remote stops working altogether. Because most remotes must be reprogrammed once the battery is changed, please sure you read through this complete instruction or get assistance from your local garage door repair business.

How to Change Your Battery

A garage door opener battery should be updated every one to two years, and the process is as straightforward as seven simple steps. All you need are some gloves, safety glasses, and a screwdriver to get started.

When working on your garage door opener, always remember to put on your gloves and safety goggles:

  • Remove the garage door opener from the circuit.
  • Activate the light lens. The battery is hidden behind the mattress.
  • Using a screwdriver, remove the battery compartment lid.
  • Disconnect the red and black wires from the battery by pulling it out.
  • Connect the red and black wires to the new battery, being careful to connect the red wire to the red terminal and the black wire to the black terminal.
  • Insert the battery into the compartment and use a screwdriver to secure the battery compartment lid.
  • Ensure that the battery cables do not protrude from the container.
  • Connect the garage door opener to the outlet.

Battery Charging and Testing

The LED indication should glow green after you have inserted the fresh battery. This points out that the battery is being charged. The new battery takes around 24 hours to charge completely. The LED indicator will remain solid green after it’s finished. Unplug the garage door opener and try to open it using the door control or remote control to see whether the battery is OK.

The LED indication will either light a steady orange, indicating that the door is powered by the battery, or a flickering orange, indicating that the battery is low.

As the final step in the battery installation procedure, reconnect the garage door opener.

If Replacing the Batteries Doesn’t Fix the Problem?

If you have tried changing the batteries and the Garage Door Still Won’t Open, there is a chance it’s because the batteries are dead. Don’t be alarmed; there might be a variety of causes for this. Even better, many of them can be handled without the need for outside assistance.

Here is why your door isn’t opening:

Make Certain the Opener is Powered Up

This may seem self-evident, yet it’s so clear that many homeowners overlook it. Is the garage door opener plugged in? It’s possible that it was yanked out by someone else or that it was tripped over and yanked loose without anybody noticing. Check the socket and make sure it is fully plugged in before attempting to open the door.

Examine your Circuit Breaker Panel

Next, locate your breaker panel and determine whether the circuit for your garage has been tripped. A little power surge might easily trigger your circuit breaker without you even realizing it. If it is tripped, try turning it back on to see if it fixes the problem.

Align the Sensors

A set of two sensors is usually positioned at the foot of each side of the garage door. These sensors may go out of alignment over time, resulting in what seems to be a damaged garage door. If this is the case, make sure the garage door sensors are pointing in the same direction.

Bottom Line

You can successfully change the batteries and get your overhead garage door opener back up and running now that you know how to replace the battery in the overhead garage door opener. There are various reasons why your garage door will not open, but many of them are straightforward to resolve.

First and foremost, make sure your batteries are in good working order. If that doesn’t work, take a quick look at your door for problems like broken springs or filthy picture eyes. You will be able to solve the problem in no time.

Contact Elite Garage Door & Gate Repair to make a repair appointment if you have any additional concerns or trouble replacing your battery. One of our skilled employees can handle all of your garage door opener repair and replacement needs. Contact us today to learn more about the additional services for your garage door and opener needs.