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Fixing Garage Door Dents

When comparing the Wooden Garage Doors to Aluminum Garage Doors, one of the primary advantages of aluminum doors is that they tend to require less maintenance than wooden doors. However, even so, that doesn’t mean that aluminum doors are dent-free.  One of the worst things that a homeowner can experience when it comes to making the outside of their home look tacky is a garage door with dents.  Now, many might think that they would need to entirely replace their garage door, to solve this problem, but such is not the case.  For minor dents in your aluminum garage door, you can set up the following project.

Items Needed for Your Project

Here is a list of things that will need to conduct your garage door dent repair project:

•Compressed Air Source
•Standard Cigarette Lighter
•Aluminum Foil (High Grade)
•Sponge (Heavy Duty)
•Garden Hose
•Dish Soap
•Bucket (Medium Sized)

It’s important that you have all of these items before beginning your project.  If you’re missing any, you’ll need to make a trip to the store before you begin.

Dent Repair Procedure

First, you need to fill the bucket with water and then add the dish soap.  Using the soapy water, you’ll want to thoroughly clean the area that’s dented.  Then make sure it’s completely dry before the next step.
Unroll the High-Grade Aluminum Foil so that there’s enough to cover the dented area as well as providing you with enough extra foil to hold at each end.  Cut the length of unrolled foil and place it nearby.  Get your can of compressed air and your lighter and place it nearby.  Now cover the dent with the aluminum foil and pick up your lighter.  Note, that this step is easier if someone is assisting you.  Now use the lighter and run the flame back and forth across the dented area. Do this for about one minute.  You also want to ensure that the flame is hitting the foil along the entire dented area.

The Final Step

When this has done, you want to remove the foil and then turn your can of compressed air upside down and spray it while it’s in the upside-down position.  Do this over the dented area for about half a minute.  The reason you’re holding the can upside down is the fact that you are now making use of the carbon dioxide in the can.
After about 30 seconds, you’ll see the dented area pop back into its original shape!  That happens due to the change in temperatures.  After two minutes, your aluminum garage door is as good as new.  While this is one way to deal with a dented garage door, you may also want to have the condition of your garage door assessed by a professional Garage Door Repair Company.  This way you’ll know that your door will continue to function correctly for years to come.

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