There is no doubt that technology has become a crucial part of life. We can see the reflection of technology in every single task we perform these days.

An example of this is garage doors. Getting your door to open or close with the flick of a button is quite fascinating. However, this fascination can quickly turn into irritation if you want to get your vehicle in or out and the door gets stuck.

Therefore, follow the given steps to ensure that your garage door does not mess with you unnecessarily.

Essential Maintenance Tips For Your Garage Door

Essential Maintenance Tips For Your Garage Door

Essential Maintenance Tips For Your Garage Door

1. Lubricating the moving parts of the door

Lubricating the moving parts of your garage door can be beneficial in many ways. For one, it can Prevent Any Unnecessary, Annoying Noises. Secondly, it keeps the movements of your garage door smooth and efficient.

You can use a spray lubricant or grease to lubricate the door opener’s chain or drive screw. The door hinges, rollers, and tracks should also be lubricated regularly.

2. Examining hardware for any tightness

The constant movement of vehicles into and out of your garage means a lot of activity for your door. This also means that the constant opening and closing can loosen up the hardware.

Inspect your hardware regularly. When and if you find any loose roller brackets or bolts, make sure to tighten them. You can do them yourself if you’re able to, but it is always recommended that you call an expert and get a full-scale inspection done.

3. Testing the balance of your garage door

Improperly balanced doors can be a hazard. They are highly unstable and can drop at any moment, hurting anyone who happens to be in the way (or, in this case, any vehicle that may be moving in or out).

If the door in your garage is not balanced correctly, it puts a load on the opener every time the door is to be moved. This can lead to the deterioration of the door opener, which ultimately will not last too long.

To check whether the door is balanced or not, all you have to do is disconnect the opener. This is done by pulling the release handle. Please open the door only halfway and examine its stability. If it holds its position steadily, then that means that the door is balanced.

However, if you notice the door sliding down or riding back up, you have to get the spring’s tension adjusted.

Testing The Balance Of Your Garage Door

Testing The Balance Of Your Garage Door

4. Testing the feature of auto-reverse

The auto-reverse feature in garage door openers is designed to keep people safe from injuries. This feature needs to be tested at least once every year. The test helps one determine how well it is working and whether there is a need for maintenance or not.

The following is what you need to do to test this feature:

  • Place a brick or large piece of wood at the bottom of the door. If the door reverses immediately on making contact with the object, the function is working correctly. However, if the door does not move back, the feature is under some dysfunction.
  • Some Modern Door Openers have another feature called a photoelectric system. It is built to protect people and pets from injuries. It does so by detecting any moving objects underneath it.
  • To test this feature, activate the door. Then, place your foot under its path for just a brief moment. If the feature functions normally, the door will stop in its tracks immediately and reverse.
  • However, if there is a problem with the feature, the door will continue in its path despite the obstruction. Therefore, make sure to look out for your foot! Getting your foot crushed by your garage door is the last thing anyone wants.

5. Inspecting door parts for damage

If left uninspected, door parts can become damaged over time. These parts can include door rollers and cables. Therefore, it is necessary to inspect your garage door parts regularly.

Where and if it is required, you should get damaged parts replaced or repaired. Post-phoning can lead to more extensive and more costly damages later on.


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