The front layout of your house is the first impression of you and the house. The front portion of the curb is mostly covered with a garage door, an entrance door, and a walkway.

To make your curb more appealing you need to work on the front portion to make a statement in the neighborhood. It can also help attract potential customers if you are preparing your home for sale. Some house owners do not pay attention to these details and find it time-consuming. Some of them find it hard to maintain the add ons whole year but these simples details would pull off the whole look of your house to the next level.

Adding up some simple yet attractive details to the garage door will increase your curb appeal and give it an updated look. Beautifying Your Walkway would be a cherry on top. Try saving up some bucks to transform your old garage door and its surroundings into an entirely new one over one weekend.

Garage Door Tips To Improve Your Curb Appeal

Garage Door Tips To Improve Your Curb Appeal


Following are five garage door enhancing tips to make your curb more appealing than ever before.

1. Spark It Up

The first step is to see if your garage door needs any maintenance or repair. Try fixing the small dents or inspect if it has any functioning problems. After resolving the basic step, make sure the door is thoroughly cleaned with soap and warm water. Since the garage door takes up a third of the house, this part can not be neglected.

  • Fresh paint gives a new life to any surface, make sure you add paint to your expense list. Also, take advice from any paint supplier that what material your garage door is made up of so that they can recommend you the best paint for that surface.
  • Try keeping the paint the same as the rest of the house or a tone darker than it to create more dimensions. To make it more sophisticated, don’t ever use any bold or bright colors, it will turn down the overall look of the curb.
Bring In The Bloom

Bring In The Bloom

2. Add Hardware

After the paint is done, try adding some decorative hardware to the garage door to make it look more attractive.

  • Hardware comes in a wide variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and materials which is easily available at many hardware stores. These hardware kits are inexpensive and bring charm to the door.
  • The installation of the hardware is extremely easy if you follow the instructions carefully and line up things accordingly. Dress up your garage door with the hardware according to the color and material. It will instantly lift the curb appeal and makes it noticeable from the distance.

3. Bring In The Bloom

Greenery makes everything looks fresh and vibrant.

  • You can add some low-maintenance plants around your garage door to enhance the curb appeal. The plants will give a refreshing vibe to the visitors and many people take a good interest in them.
  • Use seasonal plants and flowers so that they could be managed accordingly. Hanging pots and small trees around the garage door would make it more refined and complete.
  • However in cooler months when plants can’t survive, try decorating the area the same way you use to keep it the whole year. Some hanging showpieces of pumpkin in fall and soundless wind chimes would do the job.

4. Sophisticated Stonework

To make the curb more appealing, try decorating the garage door with stonework around it.

  • It will instantly lift the whole area and your garage door will pop up. Play with the color tones smartly so that the whole area looks blended and sophisticated.
  • Don’t forget about the driveway and pathway to your main door, adding stones to these ways will give a finished look overall and makes everything look lively.
Sophisticated Stonework

Sophisticated Stonework

5. Light It Up

Finally, when you invested that much to make the curb appealing, try investing in exterior lighting to make the overall look more significant.

  • By installing some lights will make the curb look more appealing at the night and enhance the features of your house.
  • Consider adding some sidelights to your garage wall and some small solar lights around the plants and trees. Install cool tones lights that compliment the whole color of the area so that it looks calm and cozy.
  • Some LED lights around the wall of the front door and garage door will make the look more stunning and eye-catching at night.

Bottom Line

These simple yet pocket-friendly upgrades to your garage door and surrounding area will improve your curb appeal and it will make your house look more welcoming and cozy. These tips will help you stand out in your neighborhood and it will be a positive edge for you when you are about to put your house on sale.