Stormy weather calls for a power outage, especially when the weather gets very violent. Unstoppable rain, powerful winds, and thunderstorms can cause an interruption in electricity. Whether home appliances or mobile chargers, everything that works with electricity can not be used until the power comes back. The same is the scenario with the garage door, but it can be operated manually as well.

Since the power has gone, you have to take your car out of the garage or come back from somewhere and find out that the garage door cannot be operated. You can open the garage door manually and park the car back to save it from bad weather.

There are some steps you need to follow carefully.

Tips To Open The Garage Door When There Is No Electricity

Every modern garage door installed in the houses can now work manually. An emergency kit is installed into the garage door, which helps you open the door manually from inside and outside both.

Following are the simple steps that can help you open the garage from inside and outside.

Steps To Open The Garage Door Manually From Inside:

  • Find and unlock all the locks near the garage door so that it does not come as a hurdle while opening it manually.
  • Disconnect the door opener, which automatically operates the door.
  • Find the emergency release cord with the red handle, hang it on the door track, and use it when the door is closed.
  • Pull off the cord and disconnect the emergency release handle from the trolley; it will allow the door to work manually.
  • Now lift the door and make sure you pull it straight until it stops moving. Make sure it stays at its place before you take the car in or out.
  • Now close the door manually by pulling it down slowly and equally. Lock the door if it has the lock bar.

Steps To Open The Garage Door Manually From Outside:

  • Find the emergency release kit, which is located at the center of your garage door. The small lock has an emergency release cable and a relevant key.
  • Put the key inside and take out the lock tumbler to see the cable. The emergency cord will release the door and put it in manual mode.
  • Unlock the garage door from the lock next to the handle, which keeps the door closed. After unlocking, turn the handle to a vertical position.
  • Pick up the door straight up with your hands and make sure it does not come back while you take the car in or out.
  • Close the door with your hands when you come inside.

Safety Tips For Manually Opening The Garage Door:

  • Always disconnect the automatic door opener.
  • Always call the technician if you suspect a problem with the springs.
  • Never pull the emergency release cords when the door is open.
  • Never leave the door unattended while changing it to manual settings.
  • Always use the manual lock when the electricity is gone.
  • Always test the door several times when you disconnect or reconnect it.


Reconnecting the garage door opener back is the most simple solution to make your door work automatically after the electricity has been restored. If you have reconnected it and it does not work properly, you must Call The Professional to get it fixed to avoid future problems.

Reconnecting The Opener With An Automatic Trolley:

Most garage doors openers have an automatic trolley installed in them. It is easy to reconnect such a door after the electricity has been restored.

  • Completely shut the garage door. There should be no gap.
  • Reconnect the automatic opener.
  • Use the remote to see its functionality.
  • Wait for automatic reconnection.
  • Open and close the door to check if it is perfectly working.

Reconnecting The Opener Without An Automatic Trolley:

If you have tried connecting the garage door automatically and it does not work, it means the trolley is not automatic, and you need to reconnect it manually.

  • Completely shut the door. There should be no gap.
  • Pull the emergency release cord manually towards the door and hear out the click sound when the switch rematches
  • Manually connect the doors arm with the openers trolley and hear the click sound again
  • Test the door, again and again, to see if all the parts are reconnected to the correct places.

Bottom Line

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