That’s just one of those strange occurrences. Quite often, the spot where we park our automobile to keep it safe tends to end up being the one where it sustains the most damage.

Perhaps it is because of the close quarters, or perhaps we relax a little while we’re in our presumably safe automobiles at home. Whichever the problem is, we may have just solved it! All you need is a little Creativity In Your Garage, a few common household objects, and one incredibly advanced piece of modern equipment, a pool noodle!

Do you mean a pool noodle? A pool noodle, to be precise. That very fun, floating tubes that children never play with anyhow, those lengthy Styrofoam things which cost around nothing in the supermarket – well, those just so happen to be fantastic for shielding your car from door dents in the garage. That’s incredible!

We have collected a list of some of the simplest methods to transform these pool gadgets into extra-affordable garage bumpers.

The Half-Noodle Bumper Is A Wall-mounted Bumper With A Half-Noodle Design

This strategy is straightforward and works if you have no alternative but to Park Your Automobile within striking range of the garage wall. All you will need is a noodle or two and some double-sided foam adhesive.

  • Split the noodle in half with a box cutter.
  • Next, slice a thin strip from the remaining half just broad enough to fill the middle of the half noodle. Put the large piece in the half noodle’s center, ensuring it’s flush with the ground.
  • Now cut two tape lengths equal to the length of the noodle. Attach the two edges of the half noodle to a wall where your car door would strike using strips of tape.
  • That’s all there is to it! Here’s a wonderful little tutorial that skips the central insert and utilizes screws instead of tape.

Having a Garage With Multiple Vehicles

Keeping many cars in the garage is a significant cause of automobile dents. Due to the limited size of most garages, it is pretty simple for one car to damage another during the parking procedure.

Cleaning the clutter and removing any extra bulk objects from the garage is one way to prevent car dents.

More Parking Space would be available, minimizing the danger of car dents. You may need to have a shed built if you have a lot of home things and yard tools in your garage.

The Holding In Between Noodle

The Holding In Between Noodle

The Holding In Between Noodle

However, a bumper on the wall isn’t particularly creative. How about the area between your vehicles in a two-car garage? Now, this takes a little more creative thinking.

A hanging noodle bumper is a fantastic option. Either one-two noodles, a broomstick-like contraption, rope, and just a few screw-in eyelets hooks are all you will need.

Stringing the broomstick through the noodle and fastening the hook towards the end, after which you connect a stretch of rope and hang it from your ceiling, is all it takes.

When your cars are parked in the garage, it’s great for hanging the noodle so you can precisely place it between the two and at door level. This strategy also works nicely as a parking guide.

The Noodle Rack On Wheels

You can make a proper small movable bumper to defend your car doors with a few pieces of PVC and a noodle. This little rack can be shifted about and neatly tucked below your car while parked by merely making two L shapes from your PVC and attaching them at the ends and corners.

The topmost bar ought to be door level, and you may wrap a noodle around it to protect your car from renegade doors scratching up your paintwork. Just remember to remove it before driving away!

The Noodle Rack On Wheels

The Noodle Rack On Wheels

System I-Protect

Rather than purchasing a car door protection, it would help if you considered purchasing the i-Protect. This technology prevents the automobile door from opening before it collides with something else. Sensors are used in this system to detect the presence of other things.

Bottom Line

It’s vital to maintain your automobile in your garage if you want to maintain it in good shape. This seems relevant if you live in a region where the weather is very severe. Of course, a car parked in a garage isn’t immune to all dangers.

Your garage may be as pleasant and valuable as you need it to be with a bit of imagination. And if you need anything related to your garage door, we at Elite Garage Door & Gate Repair are always here to assist you!

We’re recognized for employing top-of-the-line brand-name parts built to survive and withstand the harsh weather seen in this nation region.