The garage door covers almost 30 percent of your home facade. It is the most prominent feature of your entire house.

A good garage door lasts for decades if handled with care. Every garage door needs a little more attention than any other thing. So, when it comes to the purchase of a new garage door, one should consider spending a little extra money, time, and effort to make the best garage door purchase. It adds value to the property, even if it is used by you, and will give you a good feeling and satisfaction after investing wisely in the first place.

Buying a new garage door just for the sake of curb appeal is not the case. A new garage door is more than that, it could be a smart purchase or it could be the worst decision ever made. It plays a significant role in your house when it comes to security, saving energy, and keeping your house safe from bad weather conditions, Therefore, whenever you decide to buy the first garage door, do proper research of the market and decide wisely which door is the best fit for your family, your budget, and the place where you live.

Following are some tried and tested tips to buy the best garage door for your house.

Get an Expert Opinion

It is better to take an Expert Opinion for your first garage door purchase. Ordering it over the phone or online is not feasible in terms of buying a new garage door. A knowledgeable salesperson can help you select the most reasonable garage door which best fits the architect of the house.

Wisely Select the Material

Garage door comes in a wide variety and each option has its own pros and cons. When you are deciding to install a new garage door, you must keep in mind that this is your long-term investment. So there should be no compromise on the material of the door. It is up to you that what look you prefer for your curb, how much budget you have, and what are your expectations in terms of maintenance over the years.

Focus on Layering (Insulation)

Putting insulation into consideration is really important. Double layered and Premium layered doors help the garage remain warm in winters and do not let go cooling out of the house in summers. In short, it saves up a lot of energy and heavy bills.

    • Double-layered doors have an inner and outer skin and in the middle is the layer of polystyrene board which helps in rigidness and insulating value between R-4 To R-7.
  • Premium layered doors have high-quality material in between thick layers of polystyrene or polyurethane for maximum rigidness and an insulating value greater than R-15.

Pay a Little Extra For Good Quality Springs

Mostly garage door has a torsion spring installed in it. A normal torsion spring can lift and close the garage door for about 10000 cycles but it can technically make up to 5 years. Try spending some extra bucks and get the 20000 cycle spring which is twice the normal one.

Put Weather Conditions into Consideration

Climate or Weather should be the main consideration when buying a new garage door. Select wisely according to the weather you mostly face in your region.

  • Wooden doors are not a good idea where it mostly rains or snows.
  • Aluminum doors are prone to dents and are not suitable in such areas where the damaging wind blows.
  • Insulated garage doors are not suitable where there is no maintenance and gaps are never filled with rubbers.

Match With the Whole Exterior of the House

The garage door takes up to 30 percent of the front layout of your house. It is important to make its appearance more appealing and prominent. Select a garage door that best suits your house exterior. You can use the garage door imagination system to see which door pulls off the overall look of the house.

Don’t Think of Self-Installation

Never think of installing the garage door by yourself because it needs a lot of material to assemble, especially the springs to be placed on the exact points. Call the expert to get the door installed in less than 5 hours while you sit back and relax.

Bottom Line

Buying a new garage door is a big deal when it comes to select the right option for the curb. It should be a long-term investment so the decision should be taken wisely. In addition, these tested tips for your first garage door purchase can save you from the hustle for the rest of your life. But never forget to take special care of this giant machine.