Technology has advanced a lot in recent years. Humans have come very far from mere bulbs and radios to airplanes and smartphones. Possibilities have become endless, and it seems there are no limitations to what machines can do to ease our lives.

Take phones, for example. From making calls to people miles away from you to helping you find your way around any neighborhood to providing access to the world of the internet, this little device seems to have limitless potential.

Now, let’s come to the main topic of conversation.

Automated Garage Doors

In recent years, technological advancement has also allowed us to build automatic garage doors. They have relieved people from the tiring work of opening and closing the gate manually whenever they want to get a vehicle in and out!

However, automatic garage doors do need a remote like any automatic device. And it can become a real pain to deal with empty-battery remotes, especially when you are in a hurry. Plus, if you own more than one vehicle, trying to remember which car you last put your remote in can become annoying.

Imagine leaving your house in one car, and when you come back after a tiring day at work, you realize the remote was in the other car, and now you have to go inside and fetch it! This problem can be easily solved.

Turning Your Smart Phone Into a Garage Door Opener

Turning Your Smart Phone Into a Garage Door Opener

Think about this, what is the one device we always keep with ourselves and carry everywhere? What is the one thing that is a crucial part of our lives and a constant companion?

If You Are Thinking About Smartphones, You’re Right!

Your Cell Phone: Now Your Garage Door Opener

Imagine having a Garage Door Opener On Your Very Phone! It will save you a lot of trouble and annoyance daily. No more fetching a remote whenever you have to park a vehicle or get it out. Just one simple touch on your phone, and bam, your door opens!

Now, before you start thinking of installing an app and setting it up being a tedious task, let us tell you that it is the exact opposite.

You simply need to follow a few basic steps, and you’ll be done with it. For your convenience, we have compiled and sorted some tips to help you out:

1. Built-in Wifi

Given that you are building a new garage or having it remodeled, you can get a garage door with a built-in wifi system, which multiple companies tend to offer.

This is usually the easiest and least-complicated method that can be done when your garage door is being installed. The workers at any store will guide you through buying the best available option.

Most Garage Door Openers have a companion app that you and your family members can install. And voila! You have your very own phone-operated garage door opener.

2. Stand-Alone Remote Opener

If buying a new door opener or replacing the existing one isn’t an option, then you can simply buy a standalone receiver. It is highly budget-friendly and effortless to install and handle too. You can get one from any nearby market and connect it to the internet network at your house.

Then, all you have to do is connect it to the old garage door opener, and bingo! You can now open your garage door through your phone. These systems tend to have a long range, too, so that’s an added benefit. You can control your gate from almost anywhere by Simply Pressing a Few Buttons.

This system is beneficial when you want to let delivery guys or uncalled-for guests into your home when you aren’t. Plus, it can drive away from the worry of whether you left your door opened or closed when you got out of your house.

3. Bluetooth Systems

We have mentioned many cost-efficient ways to install a door opener on your phone until now. However, the cheapest one is probably the Bluetooth Receiver. These receivers are pretty similar to typical remote openers, simply without connecting them to a router.

Although you need to be in range for these receivers to work, they work like any other door opener.

However, these systems do have a huge perk. You can use them to set an automatic opening and closing time for your garage door or when you come within range.

This option is also brilliant for motorcycles, bicycles, or smaller vehicles.

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