A garage door is the most prominent feature of your entire house. It covers almost 30 percent of the house facade. A garage door not only adds value to the property but also gives you a good feeling and satisfaction after investing wisely in the first place.

It plays a vital role in your house when it comes to security, storage, saving energy, and keeping your house safe from bad weather conditions. Nevertheless, it can pose some serious safety and security challenges for the family’s belongings and especially for a house where children reside.

Multiple garage door injuries are reported every year across the United States. In addition, with the help and support of the International Door Association (IDA) and Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA), the Overhead Door Corporation has put together a list of Garage Door Safety Tips for keeping its contents and members of the family safe and secure.

Therefore, garage owners must follow these 10 home garage door safety tips to prevent the garage and home from burglars and other serious threats.

Here Are 10 Home Garage Door Safety Tips

1. Select A Best Quality Garage Door Installed By Experienced Professionals

One must keep in mind that the home garage door is a long-term investment. So, always buy the best quality door available in the market. Keeping in view the material, latest safety protocols, and level of all mentioned features must be included.

Never think of installing the garage door by yourself because it needs a lot of material to assemble, especially the springs to be placed on the exact points. Call The Expert or Professionals for the door installation to avoid accidents in the long run.

2. Keep Garage Door Accessories Out Of Reach Of Children

An automated garage door’s use remains ideal for most families till its accessories like door openers or remote buttons are out of reach for their children. Make sure to install a garage door opener control button 5 feet above the ground level which further ensures to keep it safe from the hands of the children.

3. Complete Knowledge of Emergency Release Features

At present, one must prepare for all the possible emergencies that may occur in the future.

During any emergency or accident, it is important to have complete knowledge of your garage door functions and emergency features. For this, consult the instruction manual and follow the user guide on to use garage door emergency release features properly.

4. Be Smart & Be Cautious Around Garage Doors

Garages are not a playground to play and their accessories are not sports types of equipment. Therefore, kids are not allowed to go near the garage door and play with the garage door control buttons. Be Cautious, while walking or running, when the garage door is opening or closed.

5. Inspect Garage Door Parts

Visually and Regularly inspect the residential garage door parts on your own to avoid any mishap. Inspect the door components such as cables, springs, pulleys, and rollers, and other parts carefully and must ensure that they are in proper working condition.

6. Test Auto-Reverse Feature

In case your home garage door does not have an Auto-Reversal Feature, then we strongly recommend installing this feature or buy a new garage door. Otherwise, you may bear the unfortunate consequences. This feature protects a vehicle, person, or any other material object from crushing under the heavyweight of the closing garage door.

Checking the door opener auto-reversal function by simply placing a roll of paper towels or a 2 x 4 board in the door path is an easy DIY Method to test this feature.

7. Watch Your Fingers To Avoid Dreadful Injuries

Never ever place your fingers between the sections of a home garage door and further explain it to the children to avoid dreadful injuries. If you have a busy neighborhood or a commercial area nearby then it is worth buying a garage door with non-pitch panels to avoid such accidents.

8. Do Not Leave the Garage Door Partially Open

The partially opened garage door, in most cases, when reactivated moves in a downward direction and crush any object that comes in its path. It also compromises your garage and ultimately houses’ security. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the door opened or closed depending on the usage.

9. Always Unplug Your Garage Door When You Are Away

Whether you are on vacation or asleep, the first and foremost thing before leaving the house is to unplug the garage door opener unit or use a vacation lock console security switch, which makes the remote unworkable to an unknown person.

10. Prevent Home Invasion

One can simply gain access to your home by stealing a garage door opener. The advice is to always lock the entry from the garage to the home. In addition, do not leave the door opener remote in a car or share it with the parking attendants.

Change The Garage Door Code Regularly

Change The Garage Door Code Regularly

Bonus Tip: Change The Garage Door Code Regularly

If your garage door opener has no Rolling Code technology, then the best alternative is to change the manufacturer’s standard access codes on the door opener and remote control or to buy the latest model with advanced safety and security options. This will help in keeping the safety of the garage and the house from any unsolicited attempts.

Bottom Line

To conclude, these tested home garage door safety tips will help in preventing your garage and home valuables from burglars and your children from other serious threats.

For more technical and complex maintenance issues such as spring replacement, seek the help and services of an expert or professionals that will ensure your home garage door safety and security for the long term.