Last year, a startling number of “Do-It-Yourself” homeowners suffered accidents while trying to perform any number of home repairs.  One of the more common episodes of this form of tragedy revolves around attempts to repair garage door openers.  One noted incident, in the Renton WA area, involved a man whose hand was trapped in his automatic garage door opening mechanism and it was only his screams that eventually alerted one of his neighbors. After calling 911, local firefighters came onto the scene and took the individual to the hospital after freeing him from the garage door opener equipment.
When questioned, one of the firefighters related that it took them a solid hour to disengage his hand from the opener spring mechanism.  It also mentioned that it was only the observant neighbor’s 911 call and experience as a professional garage door technician that allowed them to know exactly how to turn off the power and subsequently Remove The Spring Assembly.  It noted that the technician’s expertise was critical when it came to saving the victim from an even worse injury.  How’s that for luck?
When speaking to the helpful neighbor, we were able to pick up some useful information regarding garage door repair.  It seems that although there are quite a few websites that offer “helpful” hints when it comes to doing repairs on your garage, many of these repairs should only do by experienced, licensed garage door professionals.  The reason for this has to do with the fact that garage doors can employ parts that are under high torsion/tension. That is especially true when it comes to garage door opener springs.  Trying to either repair or replace parts, such as these, can easily lead to a problem like the situation just mentioned.
Locating a local, reliable Garage Door Repair Company, and having their number on hand, is a sensible precaution to take – especially in areas of the country that are prone to harsh weather conditions that tend to wear on garage doors. The things that you want to look for include:

• Are They Licensed?
• Have They Been In The Area For a While?
• Are They Available When You Need Them?
• Are They Competitively Priced?

Another consideration is having your garage door inspected on a regular basis.  That can go a long way when it comes to preventing garage door malfunctions – even before they start.  There’s nothing so inconvenient is sitting outside in your car, the rain or snow, and having your automatic garage door opener fail!  You can easily avoid that hassle with regular garage door check-ups.