Out of all the different house parts, perhaps the most ignored one in the garage. People usually only cater to it when some problem arises. However, why not change this habit?

Giving your garage a makeover helps it in a lot of ways. You can find and fix problems before they escalate. Your Garage’s Curb Appeal improves a lot. Plus, you can enhance the sale value of your property too.

Although a garage door makeover requires a lot of work, all that effort is worth it. To help you with your door’s makeover, we have come up with a few remodeling ideas. They are listed below.

1. Painting your door’s exterior

Parts of the garage apart from the door are sometimes neglected too. For example, if your doorframe’s color is lighter than the door, you might want to paint it a darker shade. Perhaps you can do something about the dull header over your garage door. Being made out of wood, it is relatively easy to paint. You can paint it the same color as your door or go for some variety.

Such steps help with an instant makeover. The bolder your choice of color, the more it stands out. There are countless combinations you can opt for. For example, dark red with black accents or dark blue with white accents is excellent options. If you’re not a fan of combinations, you can choose solid colors like white, red, black, etc.

2. Updating your hardware

Each garage door has a set of hardware that operates its movements. Parts such as screws, bolts, springs, etc., should be replaced regularly for optimum functioning. Rusted bolts and screws should be replaced with ones that are not stripped. New springs with higher breaking ratings should be installed in place of worn-out ones.

This step does not only save you money. It keeps your door’s movements smooth and noise-free too.

3. Replacing the entire door

There comes the point when no amount of repair helps. It is these moments when you know you have to replace the door altogether. Now is the time to make an intelligent choice.

You can opt for a door with windows to allow light in. Maybe the door you choose has a window right above the main door. This will allow the installation of a security or an intercom system. In case you own pets, the door can have a window at the bottom to allow a passage for them.

However, paying attention to more important details is wiser, like the material your new door is made up of. Try choosing one that is longer-lasting and more damage-resistant than the last one.

Adding door panels

Adding door panels

4. Adding door panels

Door panels give your garage door a new look while preserving its aesthetics. They are made from metal and wood and occasionally have paintings on them. Metal panels have painted designs, while wooden ones are stained in different colors.

It would be best if you made sure panels go well with your home design. They usually complement rustic, industrial, or suburban styles. Panels look especially good with plain doors. They can be installed during or before a garage makeover.

Adding exterior lights

Adding exterior lights

5. Adding exterior lights

Just like panels, lights help with a garage door’s aesthetic. They do the job perfectly, whether attached to the top, bottom, or sides. They highlight specific areas of the door and create a contrast, which is highly attractive.

Decorative lights complement the original look of a door. Ultimately, your curb appeal shoots up by a mile. You can have lights made from metal. Although they are more functional than decorative, they look pretty good too.

6. Installing an alarm

An alarm on a garage door is an excellent choice. However, people do not opt for it because they do not want to “waste” money.

A wireless door alarm is beneficial in this case. You do not have to worry about cables or wires poking or tangled with other machinery. It is easy to install and provides an extra layer of protection and security to your house against robbers.

Getting a remote

Getting a remote

7. Getting a remote

The remote that opens and closes your garage door is the same kind used on televisions and DVD players. They are wireless and function at different frequencies. You can have the controller installed anywhere in the house. However, installing it near the door is best for easy access.

The remote makes operating your door a lot more efficient. It can be programmed with several codes, allowing you to open or close it whenever someone rings your doorbell.

Bottom Line

Are you bored of the way your garage door looks? Are you looking for ways to give your door a makeover? Yes! This article will provide ways to enhance your door’s appearance and outlook.