A garage door is an essential component these days. Its constant use to move vehicles in and out throughout the day highlights its importance pretty well. Therefore, it can become highly annoying if any problem develops since your car is stuck either outside or inside.

An example of a problem with the garage door is the door jumping off its track. Not only is it irritating, but it also leaves your house insecure as well. However, if you have the appropriate tools at hand, you can do all the repairs yourself. This way, you do not have to leave your house at the liberty of robbers until a technician arrives.

Plus, this repair does not involve any of the Tension Springs of the door. Hence, you can carry out the task safely and without putting yourself at risk.

Keeping in mind that this problem is one people frequently face, we have come up with this article with a comprehensive guide to getting your garage door back on track.

What Are The DIY Steps To Make Your Garage Door Back On Track?

What Are The DIY Steps To Make Your Garage Door Back On Track?

What Are The DIY Steps To Make Your Garage Door Back On Track?

The following are the steps you need to follow to ensure performing this task safely and efficiently:

  1. The garage door needs to be disconnected from the opener. Search overhead and once you spot it, pull the rope that releases the door from the opener.
  2. Open the door with your hands. Try spotting the point where the door wheels are jumping off the track. Once you find it, insert locking pliers below the door on either track. The pliers prevent any unnecessary movements of the door while you work on it.
  3. Take a pair of pliers. Pull the outside edge of the track open with them. This will allow you to place the wheels back on track easily.
  4. Now that you have placed the door back on track, use a rubber mallet to knock the track back into its original position. Once you’re done with this, take the locking pliers out.
  5. Before you connect the opener back with the door, move the door manually with your hands first to ensure it is working properly. If the door is working efficiently, its movement should catch and secure its release mechanism. Once that happens, the door should begin operating normally.

Tools that one requires for this job:

  • Rubber mallet
  • Pliers
  • Locking pliers

Useful Advice/Suggestions!

  1. If you want to avoid your door from jumping off its tracks again, preventive maintenance is the ideal option. Inspect the brackets that keep the tracks in place thoroughly. During the inspection, try pinpointing any loose screws and bolts. They are usually the ones that are the victims in such situations.
  2. Sometimes, even the mere vibrations of the door’s movements can cause the bolts and screws to loosen. Use an adjustable wrench or a screwdriver to tighten them if you find loose parts. Once you are done with this, the vertical portion of the door should remain straight up and down.
  3. To make sure that is the case, use a carpenter’s level to check if the vertical portion is in its place once you’re done. If you still feel some resistance, you can adjust the brackets by loosening them a little. Depending on the Garage Door Problem, you can also level the track or retighten the fasteners.
  4. To ensure that any door parts do not become rusty, you should regularly apply a lubricant such as silicone spray. It keeps the door functioning optimally and prevents the bolts or screws from becoming too difficult to move.
  5. In the scenario that you find worn-out parts, such as rollers, the best thing to do is replace them. You can try repairing them, but it’s hard to know how good (or bad) a job you have done until it’s too late.


Removing the bolts that hold the bottom bracket of the track in its place is highly advised. The bracket is connected with the spring system. If you remove it, it can cause a lot of bodily harm.

Garage Door Back On Track

Garage Door Back On Track

Bottom Line

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