Many people may be surprised to learn that garage door professionals like us receive the majority of calls for a single reason! Yes that’s right, out of all the garage door issue there is one issue that’s bugging everyone, and it is with the automatic reversing mechanism. In more technical terms this issue is caused by a misalignment of the so-called photo eyes.

Most people who face this and similar issues will one day return home from work, press a button to activate and raise the garage door, they will then drive in and press the button again to close the door. However, instead of lowering it goes in the reverse direction. So, it may drop a bit but then go back up.

The good news is that this garage door issue isn’t a particularly serious one and can be resolved relatively easily even by yourself. If you’re facing or have faced this issue before reading on to learn what you can do about it.

What is Photo Eyes?

All-electric garage doors sold in the US dating back to 1993, have come equipped with the automatic reversing feature. The feature was incorporated by default in every garage door after there was a growing number of accidents involving kids being hit by the door as it lowered.

The photo eye sensors are located in two units placed around 6-inches from the group right on the tracks of every door. The units are hooked up to the garage door opener. It is a lot like the automatic opening and closing doors in your nearby supermarket.

There is an infrared beam that runs across the width of the opening between the units. One is the transmitter while the other is the receiver. When the beam is interrupted as the door is closing, the door goes back in reverse. The system is so sensitive that if you place a 2X4 on the ground, the door senses it and will reverse back up.

Image Credit: WikiHow

How to Fix These Garage Door Issues?

The issue can be fixed by realigning the light beam by seeing which of the eyes were shifted. Move the eye back into a straight line while watching the control panel. When the light ceases to blink it means it is aligned.

While you are there make sure that the eyes are securely attached to the metal rail or bracket. If required tighten the nut or screw which is holding it in place. Also, clean the lens by wiping it down to remove dirt and dust.

What if it Still Does Not Work?

If the above method does not fix the garage door issue you’re having then it could be something else. In that case, you should call professionals like us. We will try to find what is causing the problem which can at times be a motor issue. We strongly advise that you don’t try taking the garage door apart to fix the problem as it is profoundly ill-advised because it’s dangerous.