I remember back when I was much younger and my dad let me use the family car for the first time.  He also gave me a key to the garage, and he made sure to tell me to keep the garage door closed and locked at all times – or else!  That’s because he understood the importance of our garage door when it came to our family’s and possession’s security.  He also made sure to warn me not to let the key out of my sight, so no one could steal it or make a copy without my knowing it.  A bit later we added a Garage Door Opener that was a simple chain-driven mechanism, which was a bit noisy, but it did the job.

Well, back then, having a simple lock and key mechanism or a simple chain-driven garage door opener was sufficient to keep our entrance through the garage quite secure and also protect the items that were Stored In Our Garage safe and sound.  And, eventually, a “no-frills” chain-driven garage door opener was the standard in our neighborhood.  But since then, things have changed a bit, and it eventually became time to re-think my own family’s choice of a garage door opener.

Garage Doors Are Now Hi-Tech

Looking around at other homes, it became obvious that garage door openers have become more sophisticated.  They’ve also become more secure and safer to use.  Convenience is also a factor since you can now open your garage door from just about any location by using some different devices such as a computer or a Smartphone.  Gone are the days when an old-fashioned key or simple remote controls were your only choices.

You even have the option of having an electric-powered garage door opener that will still operate, even if your home suddenly loses power.  With a battery backup, you won’t have to get out of your vehicle and manually open and lift your garage door.  You’ll even be able to turn on the opener’s lights for added safety.
Security and safety are also high-tech

Security and Safety Are Also High-Tech

You can also purchase and have a garage door opener installed that uses an app that you can program to alert you if you mistakenly leave your garage door open.  You can also use an app that will allow you to automatically allow access to a guest or monitor just when the door has used.  Also, safety enhanced by incorporating a Garage Door Opener With Sensors that will instantly stop the garage door from closing if something (or someone) is in the way.  That can effectively protect pets and children.

Also, garage door openers can go one step further, when it comes to security by having an opener that has a code that changes each time the door used.  That will prevent thieves from using their technology to remotely steal your garage door