We always tell clients that their homes are only as secure as its weakest entry point. In our experience, for many homes, it is the overhead garage door; that’s the weakest point. Sure, homeowners tend to install the most durable and strongest entry doors, the fact is that garage door security ends up taking a backseat. In fact, so much so that around 9% of burglars break into a home through the garage, according to the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI).

As a homeowner, you are probably interested in upping the security of your garage door. Well, we’re here to help you with the tips below.

Obscure The Garage’s Interior with Frosted Windows

While windows tend to liven up the look and feel of your garage door because they let in more natural light, unfortunately, it can be exploited by thieves. Thieves are known to peer through the window and will scope for any tools you might have or motorcycles in the garage. They can also look through the window for signs if anyone is around before breaking in. A layer of frosted glass does not cost a lot, but it will blind the crooks while still allowing enough light to get through.

Image Credit Wikimedia Commons

Set up a Smart Garage Door Opener

While many people may not know this, but the latest smart openers tend to add a security measure by they will lock the door when it is closed. However, most burglars know how to pry their way through the garage door or even hack the access code. Using a smart garage door opener like the ones sold by brands like Chamberlain will help you monitor the garage door’s status. You will receive an alert each time the door opens, and that will allow you to alert the police right away.

Don’t Leave the Remote to Your Garage Door in the Car

Sure, it is convenient to clip your garage door’s remote to the sun visor or maybe put in the glovebox; these are often the first places that burglars will look. You will want to always keep the remote either in your purse, coat pocket, jeans etc. the idea is that it should be on you. Doing this will make it difficult for the burglar to gain access to the remote.

Install Motion Detecting Floodlights

Thieves will always operate in the dark, and they expect it to be dark either because you are not around or are sleeping. However, motion detection floodlights will turn on as soon as any motion is detected, which deters 90% of thieves.

Installing solar powered motion detecting floodlights is easy and does not require any electrical wiring. However, make sure that you buy ones that can detect motion from up to 26 feet away, and the lights should be super bright. Also, make sure to install it right above the garage door.


Improving your garage door’s security is more about thinking about how to make your home secure. The above tips are a great place to start, but there are other things you can do to beef up security.